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Insta got no chills as Buffalo souljah and Shatta Wale beef escalates.

The ongoing beef between local dancehall artist Buffalo Souljah and Ghanaian Shatta Wale seems to have sucked in various other people. It all started when Buffalo Souljah questioned the Ghanaian artist where he had found the authority to proclaim himself the king of dancehall music in Africa. He averred that such self praise was not warranted for the singer.

A public war between the two artists broke out. The two exchanged bitter words and even went further to compose diss songs against each other. So intense was their fight that radio stations and media forums aired the scuffle. Buffalo Souljah said that Shatta was merely elevating himself to a position that he did not deserve. He mocked his lyrics and said that it was unbelievable that some people could go crazy over words like that the singer was as soft as a condom, making reference to oneof Shatta’s songs. This did not go down well with Shatta who retaliated.

Social media was awash withcomments over the fight. Fantan of Chillspot records said that he was in support of Buffalo Souljah, his fellow countrymen. Others, however, like Stunner said there were no prospects of success in the fight for Buffalo Souljah. Shatta is regarded as merciless when it comes to eeh with other artists and has been known to emerge victorious most of the time. However, Buffalo Souljah is also a force to reckon with and the Zimbawran sensation is not putting his foot down. He is coming at the Ghanaian all guns blazing.

Most people also lended their support to Buffalo Souljah. Buffalo said that he appreciated the gestures of support from his fellow Zimbabweans. He recently write,” Please remember if any one of the local artists fighting amongst themselves take sides but if we are fighting an international war defend the country, away with self hate, away with being our own enemy”.

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