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It’s Ndunge vibes and panties off for Queen Tatelicious

Zimbabwe’s very own transgender female, Queen Tatelicious has stirred yet another controvesy. She posted a video of herself enjoying herself and dancing along provocatively to Sulumani Chimbetu’s song about sekuru Ndunge.

The queen could be seen wiggling her waist and vigorously shakng her bums. She was so excited and full of vibrant joy. Tatelicious clearly put so called professional dancers to shame with her classy moves and energetic turns.

The highlight of Tatelicious’ performance was when she peeled off her panties and started waving them in the air. This was in response to the Sulu’s lyrics when he encouraged anyone who had taken something from Sekuru Ndunge to return it. Tatelicious said her panty ought to be returned to Ndunge.

Following the death of renowned traditional healers, several singers have been composing songs about the late healer. Sulu’s song was one of the most prominent. Tatelicious has, however, taken it a notch up by her well rehearsed perfomance.

Tatelicious defied societal norms by deciding to go for a sex change. She was born male but said she always felt like a woman inside. After forking out over US 80 000, she finally went under the knife. She has been in the limelight for her outspoken character and I don’t care attitude.

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