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Jackie Ngarande. Our WCW.

Jackie Ngarande was born on 20 October 1990. She is a model, philanthropist and brand ambassador for Simuka brands. The gorgeous looking model is one of the finest women in Zim.

Jackie is paid to advertise brands on her Instagram page. She is also the founder of JNF, an organization that assists the homeless and underprivileged by providing school fees and food. She once hosted her own high tea and invited the poor and down trodden to dine with her.

As a public figure, Jackie has had her fair share of controvesies. She had been lashed out at by some haters buy this has not stopped her from promoting herself and soldiering on. Both her parents passed on.

Jackie recently gave birth but was back in shape in no time. She quickly whipped herself up into her model body. Jackie is an inspiration to many women in Zim. She is friends with socialite Pokello Nare.

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