Justice Mathonsi and Justice Hungwe sworn in.

Two high court judges Justice Charles Hungwe and Justice Nicholas Mathonsi have just been sworn in today following their appointment to the Supreme court bench last week.

The duo was appointed by the president after having put up a stunning perfomance during public interviews held by the Judicial Services Commission. The interviews were held in public to ensure transparency, which is one of the core values of the JSC.

Other candidates who took part in the interviews were Judges Kudya, Chatukuta and Chitakunye. Judge Mathonsi was working at the high court in Harare and Judge Hungwe was working in Lesotho after having been seconded to that country’s high court bench.

The swear in ceremony was held at the Supreme court in Harare. The JSC seems to be revamping and putting its house in order as evidenced by recent interviews for magistrates. Interviews for high court judges are also going to be held soon for those candidates that were shortlisted.

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