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Kikky badass aces #Megatron challenge

Zimbabwean musician and dancer Kiky badass,best known for her raunchy moves in the song 50 magate has managed to grab everyone’s attention yet again. The curvy artist wowed fans with her bars on the popurlar # Megatron challenge.

American rapper Nick Minaj recently released her new single titled Megatron. People from all over the world have been posting videos, rapping their own lyrics to the Megatron beat. Kicky badass managed to single herself out from the rest by dishing out breathtaking lyrics and flawlessly rhyming her words. The singer’s Megatron take was so good that most people said it was actually better than the original song by Nicki Minaj.

Social media was awash with comments with most people giving Kicky a thumbs up for her sterling perfomance. Others said they were amazed at her talent. Kicky has been in the limelight for some time for her hip hop career and as a dancer. The Megatron challenge has, however, elevated her status to another level. Most people are now seeing her in a new light.

A few negative remarks were however made. Some people said that she was clearly talented but made allegations of cocaine use on her part. This culminated into a heated debate with some people criticizing those who wanted to appear self righteous and judge the artist.

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