National prayer day on the cards.

Zimbabweans have mobilised themselves to hold a National prayer day on the 12th of aJuly 2019. In a message that has been circulating on social media, people have been urged to hold prayers on the day in order to resuscitate the country’s dwindling economy.

In the message people are exhorted to put up a united front on the day. It is averred that if people can unite together to hold protests such as in January, then they can certainly unite to pray for such a noble cause.

The issue of national healing and restoration has been a common topic of late. Zimbabweans are currently battling serious hardships. These include dcline of industrial activities, food shortages, fuel shortages, delapidated infrastructure, a failing healthcare delivery system, unemployment and poor remuneration.

This is not the first time such initiatives have been called for. Zimbabwe is mainly composed of the Christian community but it is times like these that people of all religions unite in one accord to help the country. The economic situation is so dire that speculation is being raised on the country’s future. The introduction of the Rtgs currency also added fuel to the fire as evidenced by a sharp rise in intermarket rates.

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