Olinda Chapel and Dyonne bury the hatchet.

In a suprising twist of events, socialite Olinda Chapel seems to have made peace with her husband snatcher Dyonne. The two were sworn enemies after Dyonne took Olinda’s man Stunner.

It was a case of one woman trying I protect her marriage whilst the one vowed that it would never see the light of day. Olinda had been married to Stunner. It later emerged that Stunner was cheating on her with Dyonne.

This led to a fallout between Stunner and Olinda. She had publicly aired out her frustrations and labelled Dyinne a home wrecker. She had also lased out at Stunner for using her to gain fame and wealth. The marriage had subsequently been broken.

It is quite interesting to note that Olinda and Dyonne have buried their differences and forgiven each other. Olinda wrote,” After having a good conversation with Dyonne Tanaka you learn the art of forgiveness will set your soul free”.

Another chat shared by Dyonne also suggested to the two had made peace. Most people were quick to applaud the two for patching up things. The reconciliation comes amid a cheating scandal between Olinda and her current husband Tytan who also happens to be Stunner’s ex friend. Some people said that in such instances women must not hate each other but rather confront the man who would have initiated the affair. Olinda recently took to Facebook to speak out against her husband for his cheating scandal with her friend Tallyn.

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