Outrage over Econet data price hikes.

Zimbawean telecommunications powerhouse Econet has come under fire for its continued data price hikes. The company sent notifications to it’s customers that prices of data and sms will be hiked as of tommorow.

As the news spread like wildfire, most people from all corners of Zimbabwe were left fuming and seething with rage at the new development. Most people expressed shock and dissapointment at the news and querried why Econet was letting down its subscribers like that. This is not the first time that Econet data fees have gone up this year.

A mere 40 mb of data will now be costing ZW 1.50 from 1.00. The 250 mb data package will now be costing ZW 3.75 from 2.50. This has sparked criticism with most people lambasting Econet for not being considerate in such tough economic times. Econet is the biggest telecommunications company in Zimbabwe and has millions of subscribers.

A few, however, defended Econet and said that it made business sense for it to increases data tariffs in order to sustain its business. Most items in Zimbabwe have simply gone up. This ranges from fuel, food, gas, school fees and now data.

Celebrities took to social media to air out their views on the matter. Prophet Oscar Pambuka reminisced on his days as a television presenter and wrote,” On melting pot I always used to say the pot is getting hotter”. Madam boss tried to lighten up the heavy mood by stating that people should simply pretend to call themselves and have fun rather than to spend the day looking at their phones.

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