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‘Pineapple’ featured on BBC Africa.

Zimbabwean dancer and founder of Pineapple creative studios Chengetayi Nosikhumbuzo Nisi has made history by being featured on BBC Africa. She was interviewed recently by the giant television network. Nosipho took to her Instagram account to express her gratitude at having been selected for the program. She wrote, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it to BBC Africa. I am living my dream. I am so grateful that I’m able to do this”.

Pineapple as she is commonly reffered to, talked about her love for dance. She is an accomplished dancer instructor and choreographer. She however highlighted that her career has not been all rosy. She said that there was a miscommunication about dancers. She said that when she perfomed her dance routines at shows, some people would yell that she is a prostitute. She lamented lack of knowledge and ignorance on the relevance and importance of dancers in society.

The dancer also said that parents fail to understand the dance industry as well. She asserted that after having put a child through formal education and pabed a career path for a child, it is difficult for a parent to understand why one would opt to become a dancer.

Pineapple stated that leaving one’s job to pursue a career in dancing is regarded as a luxury in the African society. She however, has defied odds and pushed on with her dreams. Pineapple is a former radio host at Radio 4. She also worked for Capital fm as a digital producer and co host.

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