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Pokello mourns the death of her grandmother.

A dark cloud engulfed Pokello’s day as she recently announced the passing on of her beloved granny. She was almost 95. Pokello and her granny had a special bond and she often treated her to massages and pampered her. In an earlier story by this publication early this year, Pokello had spent the day grooming her granny and gave her a foot massage.

Pokello had posted recently that it was only two months to her Granny’s birthday. She had asked her to hold on a little longer for her sake as she was now of ripe age. She had even asked her fans to pray for her granny. Sadly, she passed on. Pokello wrote on her Instagram page,” Thank you all for the prayers. Gogo balled her last innings last night. She passed on a few minutes after I left hospital. Rest in peace to an incredible woman, I couldn’t wait for us to celebrate our birthdays soon but homie got tired”.

Pokello had shared a video clip of herself at the hospital, dancing and making funny moves much to the amusement of her grandmother. Those last moments will surely be of sentimental value to the socialite. Pokello inherited her granny’s looks. Her nose is identical to that of her late grandmother.

Most of Pokello’s fans expressed their deepest condolences to Pokello and consoled her in this difficult time. They encouraged her to thank the Lord for having kept her grandmother alive and well for this long.

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