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Queen Vee and Soul Jah love promise major come back.

Queen Vee and Soul Jah love have ignited excitement amongst their fans by hinting that they are going to be releasing something. The two have previously worked on the hit song Mari Mari which propelled them to stardom and was even played in Channel O and Trace Africa.

Queen Vee and Soul Jah love shared a video clip in which Jah love talks about a ‘Chapter 2 Volume 19″ in the works. He then introduces Queen Vee who simply chants “mind your hokoso”, a popurlar phrase by Soul Jah love. The two did not furnish any further details in their supposed upcoming project.

The song Mari Mari was released in 2016. It was a chart topper both locally and regionally. Soul Jah love is a dancehall artist and his collaboration with Queen Vee was magical. Fans are however hoping for something even more hyped up than the last time. Both singers are doing well in their careers. Soul Jah love recently released a video called “Hameni munhu waMwari” and is set to launch his new album called Zviripandiri in Kwekwe today.

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