S B Moyo meets young Zim entrepreneur in the U.K

Social media has been trending with the latest images showing Foreign affairs and international trade minister SB Moto on his current European tour. The minister is trying to get support for the country’s ailing economy.

Amongst his travels the minister had occasion to meet up with Zimbabwean entrepreneur William Sachiti, who is based in the U.K. Sachiti has an impressive c.v and at only 34, he has won several top awards in science and technology. Sachiti serenaded the minister at his stand and showed him how is own invention, the first ever self driving delivery car.

The minister was amazed at the technological breakthrough, worse still,by someone from back home. Sachiti relocated to the U.K at the age of 16. The driverless cars is called the Kar-go. It basically is able to drive itself to anyone’s doorstep if they make an order.

Sachiti is one of the young minds from Zimbabwe who have managed to penetrate the global tech market and impress.He assured the minister that he was still committed to his country and had already carried out studies on what he could do in Zimbabwe.

Sachiti started off his business ambitions at a tender age of 19. He appeared on the BBC investment programme Dragon’s den for his project on solar bins. He did not get the 65 000he was asking for.

The young dreamer did not give up. He founded a digital holiday platform called mycity venue in 2013. It received more than 1.6 million users and he decided to sell it to U.K holiday company secret escapes.

Sachiti went on to study Artificial intelligence in Wales prompting him to invent a librarian robot and subsequently the Kar-Go. Sachiti has a list of awards including the Zim Achievers Award in business innovation in 2013, the Aberystwyth InvEnter price cargo in2017 and the Top 35 under 35 entrepreneurs in Wales in 2017. He is married to an Italian wife.

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