Seh Calaz opens studio in Mbare.

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz recently opened a recording studio in Mbare. The mabhanditi hitmaker has started an initiative for talent identification in the busy Mbare area. The studio is open for business to all aspiring musicians free of charge.

The singer is seeking to promote local talent. What he has done is to try and nurture raw talent and help upcoming artists to spread their wings. He is actually reliving his road to fame after having been identified himself by Chillspot records. He rose from the ground to become one of the most celebrated artists in Mbare. Indeed Seh Calaz has become a household name. He has managed to tour several countries and was recently in the U.K.

Recording has already commenced in the studio and the artist is working on a “Magaba” riddim. A small video shared by the singer showed work in progress with young artists at the studio. The future of zimdancehall seems promising and with such initiatives by established artists, the music industry is set to thrive.

Chart topping and record breaking songs are expected to come out of Seh Calaz’ studio. Looking at the singer’s impressive record, there is great anticipation that his artists will be in safe hands. Seh Calaz also seems to have matured finely like wine in the music industry. A lot of people applauded the artist for such an initiative and said his exemplary behaviour must be emulated by other artists.

Seh Calaz has released songs such as Handikendenge, Mumota muri kubvira and Mabhingo

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