Shocking disparity between Zim and South African prices of basic commodities.

The introduction of S I 142/19 banned the use of the multi currency sysytem in Zimbabwe. This had dire consequences for the retail industry as prices of basic commodities sky rocketed to unimaginable levels. Prices of goods were increased more than sixfold.

It started off with an increase in the price of petrol early in the year. Bread, sugar, flour, rice and other commodities followed suit. Compared with neighboring South Africa, the price of goods in Zim is simply unrealistic and beyond the reach of many.

Here is a rough estimate of prices of goods in Zim vis a viz South African prices. Huggies Gold Diapers in Zim are going go around Z$ 262 and 327 rands in S.A. 2kg MAQ washing powder is fetching roughly Z$ 65 whilst going for around 55 rands in South Africa.

Most of the prices of goods in Zim when converted to rands are double the price in South Africa. The interbank exchange rate is roughly Z$ 9.5 to US 1. The black market rate is around Z$ 10 to US 1. This, coupled with the fact that matter people barely have any disposable income, has made life unbearable for most. A lot of people are buying their groceries from South Africa where it is more affordable.

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