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Souljah love bares all.

Zimdancehall artist Soul Jah love recently caught the attention of many when he opened up about his life. The musician who seems to be picking up the pieces after a failed marriage to fellow zimdancehall singer Bounty Lisa, admitted that he was still in love with his ex. He said that although she had divorced him, he still regarded her as his wife.

Souljah live was speaking during a radio interview at Power fm with DJ Chamvary. He was asked about the media attention that he constantly received and Jah love said that his character was all about making noise. Indeed the zimdancehall chanter has been under the spotlight on one too many occasions. He has been in the news for his bad boy behavior, drug abuse and at one time his ailing health.

Souljah live said he was a brand until himself and was Souljah love and not Somanja Ndebele. The musician is renowned for his catchy phrases and street lingo. This includes phrases such as Mind your hokoso, Chibaba chenyuchi and mind your turusi. Souljah love recently released a controvesial video called Hameni munhu waMwari.

The singer rose to fame because of his lyrical flow. He was said to be that kind of artist who went into the studio without any script but still managed to release hit songs such as Ndini uya it’s, Pamamonya ipapo and Naka dhula Dhaka. He has collaborated with the likes of Kinnah and Shinsoman.

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