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Stunner on daddy duties

Zimbabweans rapper Stunner recently melted most women’s hearts when he posted a picture of himself carrying his daughter Owami on his back. The singer probed that under the tough, bad boy attitude lies a soft, caring and loving father.

The rapper was carrying his youngest daughter with wife Dionne. The little angel could be seen sleeping peacefully on her father’s back. Stunner said it was not merely about getting to sleep but this was an important father and daughter moment. The rapper also has another daughter who is all grown up. He captioned the image with #Father of daughters.

Stunner also said this was a show of support to his wife. He wrote,”It’s also about learning to respect what women go through”. His considerate mindset seemed to have won over most female fans as they gushed at his words. Stunner and his daughters have a bond that is non questionable. He often posts pictures of himself with the older girl.

Stunner has never been one to shy away from his responsibilities as a father. He received many positive comments with many people applauding him for leading by example. The singer recently released a new video titled Ghetto chronicles.

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