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Throwback Thursday.

It is suprising at times to note that some celebrities have not always had the glamorous lifestyles that they currently have. Most came from humble backgrounds and worked their way up to the top. Today we reminisce at the old memories of artist Vimbai Zimuto.

Vimbai is a choreographer, dancer,singer, actress and teacher of African traditional dance. Although she is now based in the Netherlands, the singer grew up in Zimbabwe. She attended Zengeza 8 primary school before attaining her secondary education at Zengeza High school.

Vimbai has always been an artist at heart and she ventured into the world of music at a tender age by joining the percussion band. In 2005 she was part of the Umoja cultural flying carpet. She was involved in several musical projects that mainly focused on African traditional dances.

Vimbai also teaches both African and traditional dance classes in Netherlands. She once perfomed for the queen of Belgium in 2015. Vombai recently caused a stir by posting a series of naked pictures of herself on social media. She literally blew up the internet into a frenzy.

Vimbai defended her actions by saying that she was merely emulating her ancestors who walked around naked and barefoot without even a care in the world. She also highlighted that art required a higher level of commitment.

Vimbai is set to hold an art exhibition on the 27th of July which will run under the theme Vimbaititude. Whilst nudity might seem to be the central theme of the show, Vimbai has assured fans that it will not be merely about nudity but rather a celebration of art as a whole.

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