Top 10 benefits of exercising.

People often give all sorts of excuses not to hit the gym or go for an occasional jog. Exercise is however very crucial in ensuring a healthy and prolonged life. Here are top ten reasons to incorporate exercise in your daily routine.

1 Exercise helps with relaxation and sleep. It helps one to et go of the effects of a stresful day.

2 It makes you feel happier and content with yourself. It also improves your mood. This in turn wads off feelings of depression and anxiety.

3 Exercise can help with weight loss for a healthier you. It increases your metabolic rate thereby allowing you body to burn more calories.

4 Exercise increases your energy levels. It is a natural energy booster. It fights away fatigue.

5 It promotes a better sex life. Exercise naturally enhances sexual prowess in both men and women. It strengthens the cardiovascular system thereby preparing one for a better sexual encounter.

6 For those suffering from chronic pain, exercise is a natural pain killer. It relieves chronic pain.

7 Exercise improves muscle and bone health. Exercises such as weight lifting encourage muscle build up.

8 Exercising outdoors may help increase your self esteem. The outdoors are a great way of rejuvenating the mind and body. Furthermore vitamin D from the sun is good for the body.

9 Exercise makes skin clearer by stimulating blood flow and inducing skin cell adaptations. It also helps reduce aging.

10 It improves brain function. This is caused by improving blood flow to the brain. This helps in boosting memory and encourages better mental function.

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