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Top 5 activities for the youths in 2019.

It is quite common that young people ought to have an inquisitive mindset. Their super charged physical form is usually characterized by an energy surge. Youths are advised to use their time productively and as humanely as possible. We have compiled a top 5 list of activities that could benefit young minds in 2019.

1 Enterprenuership

This has become a growing phenomenon. Young people are encouraged to invest in enterpreneurial projects in order to sustain their livelihoods. There are several business models that the youths can adopt in order to establish their own businesses. One young farmer Tawanda Dhiri has been advocating the inclusion of the youths in farming projects.

2 Religion
Religion is said to be the essence of life. It gives people hope and encourages good moral values. Young people are an integral part of the whole religious movement. They are the future upholders and advocates of religion. In churches such as Roman Catholic, young people are enrolled for priesthood at an early age. The norm is the same in other religions.

3 Arts

The arts industry is now diverse and young people should not lag behind in terms of showcasing their artistic skills. Take for instance comedian Ray Vines who, at a very young age, has already managed to get the attention of the whole nation. Musically there are youthful dreamers such as hip hop group Tenflos, zimdancehall singer Kizi faya, Tamy Moyo and King 98.

4 Humanitarian work

The spirit of Ubuntu is something that is perculiar to African states particularly to Zimbabwe. Caring and sharing as neighbors and relatives is regarded as part of everyday living. Young people should be able to discern good from bad and should endevour to help others in need. It is often emphasized that young people are the future leaders. Leadership certainly needs people with that humanitarian mindset. In the wake of Cyclone idai, a lot of young people were actively involved in helping out in the affected areas which is commendable effort.

5 Environmental work

Young people are also advised to take heed of environmental problems and to assist in solving them. These include issues of poaching, pollution, land degradation and climate changes. They should take part in activities such as the clean up campaign that is held every last Friday of each month. Other initiatives include tree planting, preservation of water and caring for animals

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