Top 5 edible plants in Zimbabwe.

Traditionally the Zimbabwean folk survived on eating wild plants and meat. These plants have been found to be packed full of nutrients and medicinal properties. Although some may shudder at the thought of eating wild vegetables or their roots, they are actually delicious and healthy. Here are our top 5 edible plants in Zimbabwe.

1 Pumpkin leaves and flowers (Muboora).

Whilst most people love pumpkins, they might be unaware that the pumpkin leaves and flowers are also edible. The leaves must have the outer layer peeled off first before cooking. They can then be cooked with tomatoes and oil or smothered with peanut butter. Most people love the rainy season because they get to eat muboora or pumpkin leaves.

2 Pig weed (mowa)

Pigweed is also healthy and tasty. It has a sweet undertone. It’s silky texture makes it easy to prepare. Pig weed can be mixed with meat or cooked on it’s own. It can also be cooked in peanut butter.

3 Black jack leaves (Mutsine)

This is another local delicacy. Mutsine can be preserved and dried. This is called mufushwa. Mutsine has a pepper taste and is a great combination to meat.

4 Spider flower (nyevhe)

The spider flower is simply delicious. It has a sour taste that can be cured by boiling it for a long period of time. You can then season it with some chillies, spices and add in tomatoes. Others prefer it with peanut butter.

5 Coleus esulenta (Tsenza)

This plant is commonly eaten in the Rusape area. What distinguishes it from the other ones cited above is that it is the roots rather, that are eaten. They are simply boiled in water with some salt.

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