Top 7 tips for students studying abroad.

Leaving your country to pursue your educational dreams abroad can be daunting. Here are some useful tips to help ease the stress of studying in a foreign land.

1 Put effort in learning the language of the area that you wil be living in. Although languages such as English may be regarded as universal, it is important to know even a few basic words spoken by the people you will be seeing on a daily basis.

2 Study the culture of the people living in the place you I’ll be staying. Certain places are renowned for specific rituals and activities. For example some things regarded as normal in your own country may be seen as odd or rather disrespectful. One student from zimbabwe who had gone I study in the U.K said that she found it hard to remove her coat whenever she wants out for dinner or entered the classroom as this was alien to her.

3 Investigate about the safe areas and no go zones in the place you will be studying. One student who was on the presidential scholarship to South Africa said that she was regularly mugged in terms Johannesburg CBD because sh didn’t know the safe routes to travel. Ensure you have a travel guide.

4 Register your trip abroad with your embassy. This is important especially when there is an emergency.

5 Always be smart about your spending habits. It is quite distressful to be broke in aforeign place.

6 Do not cushion yourself in your own comfort zone. Try to blend in. Go out and and v fun with others. Do not isolate yourself. It is important to adapt to new environments like a chameleon.

7 Never forsake your roots. Alwas be proud of your background.

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