Warriors fan Alluvah hits the jackpot.

Zimbabwean soccer fan Alvin Zhakata has just had his story changed. The ardent soccer fan had embarked on a road trip from Cape to Cairo to watch the Afcon tournament. He had endured cold nights and several hurdles before he finally reached Egypt. Alluvah, however, arrived when his own national team had been booted out of the tournament.

To add to his word, Alluvah was stuck in Egypt with no means to get back home. Even the remaining soccer match had it’s tickets all prebooked and sold out. Alluvah was now stranded in a foreign land. It was only after he got featured on the BBC programme, focus on Africa and held other interviews that his story attracted the attention of many, including the CAF president.

Alluvah’s fortunes changed and he received an invitation from the CAF president Ahmad Ahmad to watch the final match between Algeria and Senegal in the VVIP section. As if that was not enough already, he had all his expenses covered including a ticket back home. Alluvah has now been given hero status in Egypt and all over the world for his bravery and bold courage.

Radio presenter and football analyst Steve Vickers had also started an initiative for people to donate and contribute towards the purchase of a ticket back home for Alluvah. He had named it the #Bring back Alluvah. Alluvah will be smiling all the way to the stadium on the 19th of July as he makes way to his reserved seating in the VVIP section.

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