Warriors fan receives hero’s welcome.

Zimbabwean soccer fan Alvin Zhakata recently returned home from his Cape to Cairo ride. The young ardent Warrior’s fan embarked on a historic journey to Egypt to watch the Afcon tournament. He had encountered several challenges along the way but finally made it into Egypt. All hope seemed to have been lost as he arrived in Egypt after his own national team had been eliminated from the tournament.

As if that was not bad enough, Alluvah arrived at a time when all pre match tickets had been sold out. He was stuck in Egypt with no money to return home and zero chances of watching the remaining matches. Veteran sports presenter Steve Vickers had been touched by the plight of the young lad and started #Bring back Alluvah campaign by asking people to donate for the cause.

Fortunes changed for Alluvah. After being featured on several television stations including BBC Africa, he found himself at the centre of attention. He was hailed a hero and got the chance to meet the CAF president. He was later on provided with accommodation at a hotel. The highlight of his stay in Egypt was when he was gifted with a VVIP ticket to watch the final match between Senegal and Algeria. His expenses and travelling costs were taken care of by CAF.

Alluvah was also taken on a sight seeing tour in Egypt. He is now back home and upon his return phone he was given a hero’s welcome. Most people expressed admiration for the youthful soccer fanatic and commended him for his loyalty to the game.

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