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Woman Crush Wednesday

Today we celebrate a bold and courageous woman. Samantha Musa, popurlaly known as Misred, is a radio and televison personality. She is also a brand ambassador and influencer.

She is a co host on Zifm stereo. Misred is one of the most influential women in Zimbabwe and has paved a successful career path for herself in the male dominated media industry.

Apart from gracing local events and media forums, Misred was chosen to represent Zimbabwe at the Business of entertainment forum in 2017. She had the opportunity to rub shoulders with top media mogul such as the senior vice president of Trace Africa Southern Africa Leornado Manne.

Misred is also a daunting mother to her beautiful daughter who could easily pass off as the younger version of herself.

Misred is a prominent figure and has been roped in by several companies as their brand ambassador. These include Netone, Coca Cola and Black Opal.

Misred is highly regarded by most for her bold stance with regard to plus size women and how societal constraints limit them from expressing themselves. She often poses in a bikini and clearly embraces her curves. At one time she penned down a love poem to her body and highlighted the stigma associated with being heavy built.

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