Zimbabwean soccer fan Alluvah stuck in Egypt.

What started off as a noble quest by one ardent Warrior’s fan has now become a charity case. Albin Zhakata, commonly known as Alluvah, dared to travel to Egypt to watch the Afcon tournament, by road. His Cape to Cairo journey sounded like an imaginary travest but Alluvah pulled it off, to the amusement of many. He however arrived in Egypt way after the warriors had already left.

Alluvah had faced a lot of challenges in trying to reach Egypt. He had been stuck at the Ethiopian border for days after having been advised that he needed a visa to pass through. It was after some concerted efforts that he managed to continue with his journey. When he arrived in Egypt, the Zimbabwean national team had already been booted out of the tournament.

Alluvah now faces the challenge of coming back home. With little resources, his likelihood of making it back home is now hanging in the balance. Football analyst and commentator Steve Vickers, who is also in Egypt has started a #Bring back Alluvah campaign. He has opened up a platform on Gofund me, for people to donate towards buying Alluvah a plane ticket to return home.

Alluvah also faces another challenge of not being able to watch the final soccer match between Algeria and Senegal since all the tickets were sold out. Authorities there, are however making efforts to secure him a VIP ticket to enter the stadium.

Speaking on Star fm this morning, Alluvah said that he has become the centre of attention in Egypt with most people commending him for his bravery. He has even held interviews with stations like BBC news.

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