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Zimoco lambasted for PR stunt.

Zimbabwean car dealer Zimoco has come under fire for a OR stunt that they recently pulled. They had announced that one Makaita Njovana , who had answered a question correctly on radio would receive a prize from them.

The show is called F1 report and aired every Tuesday evening on Zifm stereo. It is sponsored by Zimoco. Most people were eagerly following the show and when the winner was announced, a round of applause was made for Makaita. Some even commended Zimoco for such community based shows.

It was upon receipt of the prize that most people received the shock of their lives. Posing in front of a fancy Mercedes Benz motor vehicle, Makaita was handed over her prize, a coffee mug. Indeed the whole issue turned ugly with most people questioning the sanity of those in charge at Zimoco.

Without a hint of shame Zimoco wrote,” Well done Makaita, we hope you enjoy your Mercedes Benz coffee travel mug”. A plethora of comments followed and most of them negatively criticized Zimoco. Most people said that it was an insult for them to give out such an item as the so called prize. Others asserted that the poor lady must have forked out a fortune to look presentable and also to get to their offices, looking at the current file shortages, only to be given such a meagre gift.

The stunt seems to have worked, as evidenced by the way in which Zimoco is currently trending. And like most seasoned media personalities say, there is nothing like bad publicity.

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