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Zodwa’s naughty boob licking gesture on Nadia stirs controvesy.

Zodwa wabantu is known for stirring up controvesies. Her list of misdemeanors is long yet the artist continues to hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Her recent public stint has however caused outrage amongst her followers and those of Zimbabwean rapper Nadia Nadia.

Zodwa was photographed playfully licking one of Nadia’s boobs that was protruding from her blouse. Zodwa stuck out her tongue and aimed for the breast. Nadia, however, seemed unperturbed by the gesture and continued posing for photos. She even later on remarked,” You know you in Durban when you bump into @Zodwalibram”.

Zodwa is quite famous for rubbing off people the wrong way. Followers of Nadia commented that she ought to leave their favorite rapper’s boobs alone. Others said her conduct was shameful and unacceptable. A few, however, simply laughed off the issue and said Zodwa was simply being Zodwa.

Zodwa has previously set tongues wagging for buying her own coffin. She is also known for her love of walking around almost naked. Even her love interest is considered too young for the controvesial artist. Nadia has also had her fair share of controvesy. She recently caused a stir when she appeared in a butt baring costume at the Castle light unlocked event a few weeks ago. Last week she released her new album titled Naked Nadia to which she posed naked for the cover.

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