10 Tips on managing your mental health

In a world where mental health issues are rapidly rising it’s important to find ways of managing your mental health. Managing your mental health is key to understanding yourself better and reducing your stress and anxiety. Here are 10 tips created by psychologists and psychiatrists and have been researched by public health experts and doctors that will improve your mental health.

Tip 1 -Take time for yourself to assess yourself

Blocking the sunset on a perfect afternoon

When dealing with mental health issues take time for yourself to understand yourself. Have an honest conversation with your mind and figure out how you are feeling. Facing your emotions is key to realising you have a problem rather than burying them inside your subconscious to come out as a horrible outburst. This can be done through meditation and taking a break away from your life to just understand how you are feeling.

Tip 2 -Unplug from technology

Unplugging From Technology

Unplugging from technology can help you see how you are managing your mental health. This gives you space to reconnect with your environment. Technology abuse has been known to cause an increase in depression and mental health. It is important to find a way to unplug every now and then.

Tip 3- Write out your thoughts

Personal Journal

If you are struggling to find an easy way to identify and manage your thoughts and feelings, a journal may be the way for you. People who write daily journals are better at identifying how they are feeling. This has been known as an effective way for people to identify the state of their mental health.

Tip 4- Pray

Pray for your health

For those who are spiritual, prayer has been a long-standing means of dealing with mental health issues. It comes as no surprise that over 80% of our world believes in some faith. To take time to yourself to connect to a higher being and share your thoughts and feelings may help you release some of that anxiety you have built up in your heart.

Tip 5 – Exercise often


Mental health management is tough. Often neglecting other aspects of our health can put further strain on our mental health and cause your health to deteriorate even further. Learn to take care of your body through consistent challenging exercising and you will experience mental health improvements as well. Research has shown that exercising frequently reduces the likelihood of depression and lowers stress levels in people.

Tip 6 -Read self-help books

As you become more aware of your mental health issues, you may be able to notice you have a problem but dealing with it can be another thing. Reading more books can help you see more clearly what triggers you, why it triggers you and how to manage the situation better for your mental health. The same way books have been used to teach us how to build a career is the same way that we should use them to manage our mental health.

Tip 7 – Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet isn’t just good for your body its good for your mind too! Studies have shown that people who eat a balanced diet tend to be less aggressive and aggravated than those who eat unhealthy foods. Some studies have shown that cutting off caffeine sugars and even meat can reduce aggravation significantly.

Tip 8 -Avoid social media abuse

Social media has been a blessing and a curse. A great way to connect with loved ones, however social media is filled with unhealthy coping mechanisms that can deteriorate your mental health. The release of dopamine caused by social media can lead to an unhealthy addiction that erodes your mind. This can also lead to other aspects of your health falling apart, your social skills, your physical health and the negativity that is seen on social media can lead to depression. Always put your health above everything else.

Tip 9 – Never isolate yourself for too long

Isolation has been known in history to be a cruel form of torture. The psychological damage caused by isolation has been known to make victims lose personal identity. Due to the addictive effects of technology a human being can self-isolate themselves. This is why it is very important to connect with communities often in person. Avoid large periods of isolation as this can lead to depression and anxiety.

Tip 10 -Stay consistent in maintaining all aspects of your health

Managing mental health through consistency

The biggest and most important thing about managing your mental health is consistency. Consistent habits build into tangible results. Your mind needs constant management and treatment. All these tips and techniques are there to help you manage your mental health on a day to day basis and will only work if you are consistent. Build healthy habits when you wake up and when you end your day and you will find your mood and energy will improve. This will reduce your stress levels and anxiety.

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