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BBC Africa Sparks outrage in Zimbabwe over alleged domestic worker abuses.

A recent story aired on popular channel BBC Africa has set tongues wagging and people questioning the audacity of the television network in labelling Zimbabweans abusers of domestic workers.

The story, which was articulated by an animated pictorial re enactment, highlights the plight of domestic workers in Zim. The narration is done by an alleged domestic worker who laments bad treatment at the hands of her boss. She alleges that she is severely ill treated and underpaid. The domestic worker speaks out against what she terms too much work and also how unhappy she usually is at her place of work. She asserts that the sad reality is an everyday occurrence impacting the lives of many domestic workers like herself.

The domestic worker states that domestic workers are regarded as uneducated hence the ill treatment. She claims that most of them, like herself do not have any choice but have to keep soldiering on in the face of such inhuman treatment. She bemoans the state of domestic affairs in Zimbabwe.

Most people were quick to lambast Zim home owners for such humiliating conduct. They claimed that housemaids ought to be treated fairly and humanely just like everyone else. These sentiments did not go down well with most Zimbabweans on the BBC Africa Instagram platform.They stood their ground and said the story was not a true reflection of life in Zimbabwe and the picture that was painted of relations between housemaids and their bosses was far from accurate. They also argued that the story was one sided and BBC ought to have consulted those who had maids to ascertain the credibility of the story.

Zim is considered one of the countries with the most hardworking people in Africa. Housemaids are an essential part of everyday life with most people going I work and entrusting their homes and kids to maids. Several cases of housemaids abuse have emerged with people like Madam boss speaking out against abuses in their comic skits.

There has, however, also emerged a flip side to the situation. Some housemaids have been labelled as culprits, taking advantage of their bosses’ absence to steal and abuse kids.

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