Cannabis farming for industrial uses legalized in Zim.

A recent announcement by government has provided relief to farmers who were setting their eyes on production of cannabis. Cannabis farming for industrial purposes is now legal. The current legislation in Zim as contained in SI 162 of 2018 allows for production of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes only.

Government has now widened the scope to include production to ease industrial shortages. Industrial benefits of cannabis include production of building products, textiles, paper and plastics from cannabis fibre. The new move is expected to yield positive results and improve inflow of foreign currency into the country.

Government is seeking to align the new changes with the current legislation in place. The country is also moving towards adoption of such projects in order to revive the economy. The is not the first time that government has embarked on such programmes. About the years ago the Jatropha biodiesel project was started to ease fuel supplies in the country.

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