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Chisipite roundabout, Zim’s own talent hub.

Driving along Enterprise road in Harare, one encounters the Chisipite roundabout. Best known for creative art displays, the spot has become a hub of activity with sculptors getting their creative juices to flow as they adorn the roundabout with their artistic pieces. The roundabout is indeed a sight for sore eyes as it houses different pieces at different occasions.

It has often been said that the idea to put in place such works of art started with the owner of profeeds Nigel Philp who currently has a contract with the City of Harare to maintain the roundabout. As a way of suprising his daughter in her birthday, he decided to put up a sculptor and this concept as been followed ever since. The roundabout always has artworks matching current themes. On Valentine’s day, you will see a sculptor of two lovers gracing the post. Come heroes day, you will see a towering piece of art of soldiers fighting the liberation war. The island has also been used to market events such as HIFA and other festivals.

An image of a man who proposed to his girlfriend at the roundabout was trending last week. The plae as become a have of activity with others labelling it a tourist site. The flowers and vegetation around the roundabout is always on point.

Indeed the roundabout has given a new lease of life to the Chisipite area and travellers have something to captivate them as they go about their daily business.

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