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Daring thief attempts to steal car from president’s top official in Harare CBD.

A daring car thief might have stretched his luck a bit too far after he was apprehended for trying to drive off in a car belonging to the permanent secretary in the office of the president and cabinet in charge of the District development fund and related infrastructure Mr James Jonga.

It is alleged that the minister parked his car in front of causeway building on the 5th of July 2019. He locked it and rushed into a bank. The thief is suspected to have disabled the locking system and jumped into the vehicle. He started the engine and almost drove away but he was caught by some people who were observing nearby. They quickly rushed to pull him out and secured him.

The thief has now landed himself in hot soup and was whisjed away to the police station. Issues of car jacking have become rife in Zimbabwe with most people losing either valuable items in their cars or their cars to such people. In a small video that has been doing the rounds, the thief is seen laying down in the middle of a large mob that had gathered around him.

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