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Fake power promise agitates households.

Households are disappointed by a recent pronouncement on the easing of load shedding which has not been fulfilled. Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance and economic development Mr George Guvamatanga on Monday said electricity challenges would on Tuesday ease with 400 megawatts having expected to have been added to the national grid.

Since the pronouncement made on Monday there have been no signs of any changes in the supply of electricity with households enduring 18 hours of no electricity.

Residents are now agitated by what is being deemed as a fake promise made by authorities on Monday. Zimbabwe has in the past few months endured depressed electricity supply largely attributed in the reduction of power generation due to low water levels at Kariba.

Money owed to South African power utility Eskom has also resulted in the supply of electricity significantly dwindling with Eskom demanding that Zimbabwe pays up money that is owed.

The depressed electricity supply has greatly affected industry that is bemoaning a reduction in productivity owing to electricity shortages. Although some have resorted to operating during the night when electricity supply is available, the effects of lack of electricity have been vast.

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