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Ginimbi’s club Sankayi to relaunch in style

Ginimbi’s entertainment hotspot Club Sankayi is set to be relaunched this Saturday. It will be renamed Dreams nightlife. The upmarket club was closed early this year to allow for rebranding and rennovations to be effected. Ginimbi promised that he was going to install modern facilities and world class service at the club.

The reopening of the club will be hosted by gorgeous socialite and former first family in law Luminista. Dubbed as the Global citizen Luminista is expected to wave her magic wand and give revellers an unforgettable taste of Dreams nightlife.

Pokello, who will be celebrating her 34th birthday on Saturday will also be there. She will certainly give patrons an extravagant treatment of club life as per her nature.

Ginimbi’s manager Shaleen Manhire said that the club had been rejuvenated to match world class standards. She said,” Name has been changed from Club Sankayi to Dreams because the whole feel and theme of the club has changed. We are bringing something fresh in Zimbabwe, the feel of New York in our country. We have a lot that we will be offering for those who love the exclusive, expensive night lifestyle”.

She also stated that the club will do Trap Saturdays hosted by DJ Rimo, Selecta Bass and Dj Bass. There will be a new theme every Saturday with a new guest Dj perfoming. Ginimbi is expected to give a media brief this Friday on the programme for Saturday.

The club is renowned for hosting high end parties and international celebs. Those who have set foot in the club include Ricky Rick from South Africa and a variety of other local artists. Judging from Ginimbi’s fine taste and his love for the finer things in life, the club is expected to be top notch.

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