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Gonyeti relives horrific torture ordeal.

Comedian Gonyeti who was recently abducted and left for dead has spoken out of her horrific ordeal at the hands of her abductors. She said that the abductors came with several cars and took her captive. They forced her to remove her clothes and beat her up with various weapons They also beat up her sister at gunpoint in the presence of her kids.

Gonyeti was then force marched into a car and driven to an unknown place. She was later dumped in terms Crowborough area. The comedian was also forced to drink sewer water. She had to bear the humiliation of walking around naked in that area and asking for clothes to wear. People were scared to assist her and a well wisher eventually threw a dress from a window. Gonyeti also said that the abductors told her to keep quiet about the encounter otherwise they would kill her mother.

Gonyeti’s story has caused so much anger and outrage with most people calling for investigations to be done into the matter. Other comedians have also been speaking out against such human rights abuses. The comic pastor said that no one is safe in Zim.

Gonyeti’s abduction comes after her latest skit mimicking the salaries of civil servants. It also against the backdrop of planned protests that had been organized last week. Abductions are becoming a common trend in Zimbabwe. A few months ago, outspoken man of cloth Apostle Chiwenga was also chased down by alleged state agents and left for dead. His wife died during the chase. Another Bulawayo MDC councillor was also abducted recently and had his dreadlocks shaved off with broken glass. The situation is becoming unbearable for many people to express their freedom of speech.

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