High court dismisses MDC A urgent application as police maintain heavy presence in Harare CBD area amid planned protests.

There is currently heavy police presence in the Harare CBD area lying in wait for the MDC A planned demonstrations. Most people did not turn up for work in town and the streets were deadly quiet in the early morning. Police in some parts of town and around the showground area were searching for weapons in people’s bags and demanding to see identification cards.

The demonstrations were said to have been banned with the police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi issuing a statement last night that the police had obtained an interdict to stop any protests. An interdict is an order compelling a person not to perform a specific act.

The MDC had filed an urgent application at the High court in Harare yesterday seeking an order to set aside the interdict but this publication has it on food authority that the application has since been dismissed by Musakwa J. This has not deterred protestors from taking to the streets as evidenced by videos trending online. Protestors Ave already started to gather around town and at Africa Unity square in order to go ahead with their march.

Most people are on the edge in Zim over the deteriorating economy. People are struggling to survive with most professionals such as teachers, lawyers and doctors earning below USD 100. This is barely enough to buy food alone for a month, prompting people to demonstrate against the current administration. Prices of fuel, food and other basic necessities is beyond the reach of many.

It remains to be seen whether the protests will turn violent or remain peaceful as promised by the MDC A. Zimbabweans are wary of a reccurence of the January protests which ended in bloodshed.

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