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Khama Billiat splashes on new Range Rover wheels.

Zimbabwean midfielder Khama Billiat has just treated himself to a new Range Rover Lumma CLR RS. The football star was all smiles as he posed in front of his new set of poshy wheels.

Billiat is currently playing for Kaiser Chiefs. His latest acquisition is estimated to be valued at around 2.5 million rands. It features a V8 engine, a panoramic glass sunroof and is electronically limited to a top speed of 260 km/h.

Social media was awash with comments congratulating the football star on his latest achievement. Others were quick to suggest that his appearance at Afcon had paid off as evidenced by his purchase of a brand new car. Billiat is one of the most earning Zimbabwean stars in South Africa. He boasts of a massively built mansion and has several other top notch cars. He also loves to dress in cool designer clothes earning him the title of being one of the best dressed Zim celebs.

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