MDC A protests, pictorial version.

The Zimbabwean opposition party MDC A tried to stage demonstrations on Friday last week in Harare and on Monday in Bulawayo. The protests were thwarted by police in Harare with many people being beaten up nad having teargas thrown at them. Here are some of the images that aptly captured the situation.

A selfie addict flees for his life after police started chasing down protestors in order to break down the March.

An elderly man is assisted by an officer to stand up. He had been assaulted by other officers. There has been so much outrage over this image with most people castigating the police officers for unleashing violent assaults on a helpless old man.

An officer on horseback in Bulawayo stands alert from any activity. The March which was supposed to commence at 10 am this Monday was delayed pending a ruling on the appeal made by the opposition party to overturn an interdict obtained by the police to stop protests.

Members of the Red Cross assist those injured in the altercation with police officers.

Some officers beat up helpless women. Anyone seen walking in and around the Harare CBD area bore the fate of being assaulted. Most people opted to stay at home on Friday.

A police officer attempts to kick a protestor.

Tendai Biti, a lawyer awaits ruling of an appeal lodged at Harare high court to allow the demonstrations to go ahead.

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