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Outrage over abduction of Gonyeti.

There has been outrage and anger over the alleged abduction of Bustop tv comedian Gonyeti. She is alleged to have been abducted at her home recently by masked gunmen. Her sister is also said to have been assaulted and the door to their house broken down. Gonyeti was then taken away.

She is alleged to have been severely tortured and left for dead. Her injuries are said to be extensive. Most people have been speaking out against the abuse and torture of local comedians,activists and human rights defenders. This comes in the wake of the demonstrations that had been organized by the opposition party.

Other celebrities took to social media to air out their concerns at such conduct. Vimbai Zimuto stated,” It’s a Thursday and I woke up feeling like the freedom of expression is making us victims…Get well soon Gonyeti. We love you”. This is not the first time that Gonyeti has landed herself in hot soup with her skits. She was arrested early this year on allegations of having mocked the police commissioner Charity Charamba in a skit about police brutality in Zimbabwe. She however escaped with a fine. Her acting patner Maggi was also picked up by police on the same allegations and also made to pay a fine.

Gonyeti is renowned for her eye opening comic skits which are not blatantly political but have hints of what will be transpiring in Zimbabwe’s political sphere. She is one resilient woman and has never shyed away from telling the truth. This has often been seen as a challenge to the authorities. Most people who are actively involved in speaking out against humanity rights abuses are currently living in fear of abduction and torture.

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