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Peter Moyo stirs controvesy with alleged “side chick”

Barely a week after sungura musician Peter Moyo was gifted with a BMW on his birthday by his girlfriend, the singer already has people talking. He was recently photographed with an unknown lady in the very car that he was given as a birthday present. Social media has been abuzz with negative comments about the singer with most people drawing inferences that he is cheating in his girlfriend with the unidentified lady. It however seems to be mere speculation.

Peter Moyo was all smiles a few days ago as he posted his new car online. He thanked his girlfriend for the gift. He had remarked, ” I was not expecting to get such a present, even now I am still surprised. I just can’t believe how much I am loved”. The singer had gone on to state that his girlfriend was his best friend. Peter claimed that he had been dating Caroline Makamache for some time but the two had kept their relationship under wraps. It was only a few months ago that they decided to go public.

Caroline had also posted a message online, drooling over her man. She had posted,” I’m not even too sure I deserve you and more often than not I have to pinch myself just to be sure you’re real”. The two seemed to be engrossed in each other and love was clearly in the air.

The latest inage of Peter with the unidentified woman has caused furore on social media with others questioning whether she was his side chick. Indeed jokes have been circulating about one woman buying a car for her man and the other woman enjoying a ride in that very same car. It remains to be seen whether the unverified claims of infidelity will pan out to be true.

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