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President Mnangagwa top 5 chants.

The Zimbabwean president is quite a charmer when it comes to his humorous use of words. His diction is mainly composed of catchy phrases and unimaginable words that usually leave people in stitches at his rallies and meetings.

1 2030 ndendichipo.

The former minister of justice left amused when he declared that he will still be running for the presidency in 2030. The phrase was made even more popular with the advent of the face app in Zimbabwe. Most people used the app to show their faces in 2030 and made reference to the president’s statement 2030 ndendichipo.

2 I am as soft as wool.

In an international !eating during the Davos summit last year, the president was queried about the way feared him back home. The presenter aptly put it to the president that his nickname “garwe” meaning a crocodile meant that he was extremely feared. His response was a soulful, “I’m as soft as wool”.

3 Kana kudenga hauiwane.

The president remarked at one time that his government was the best in the whole universe with the interests of the people at heart. He further added that even in heaven one would not find such a government.

4 Tichatonga, Tigotonga

Addressing hundreds of people at a rally when he was still the vice president, ED remarked that ruling party would rule until eternity.

5 Shamhu nyoro

This as to be the most popular phrase of 2019. ED left many of his fans in stitches when he castigated retailers for hiking the prices of goods without any just cause. He said that a whip was being prepared for them, it would be dipped in salt and unleashed on the retailers. Shamhu nyoro has become a household chant with most people using it to refer to oncoming disciplinary action.

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