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Prophet Passion under fire for bragging about his new Lamborghini

Controvesial man of cloth Prophet Passion Java has come under fire for recently showing off his brand new set of wheels. The yellow Lamborghini has been the subject of debate on social media with most people lambasting the prophet for seeking worldly treasures instead of storing heavenly riches. The prophet posted a short video clip of his new expensive baby and stated that a new toy had been added to his collection. This did not go down well with fellow prophets who accused him of being fake.

Prophet Passion is renowned for his love of the finer things in life. He has a huge apetite for luxurious things and always loves to flaunt his wealth for the public to witness. A few months ago he purchased a helicopter and left many people wondering about his source of wealth. He had gone on social media to show off his acquisition much to the annoyance of fellow prophets.

The prophet has also been labelled Abad influence due to his undying love for Zimdancehall music which is rather odd for one with his religious calling. He often posts videos of himself singing along to dancehall songs by artists such as Soul Jah love and Enzo ishall. He even speaks in dancehall lingo, throwing around words such as “stonyeni” and “twabamu” without any care in the world. This has raised speculation that Prophet Passion is merely a common reveller hiding under the guise of religion to accomplish his mission of living extravagantly.

The prophet recently clinched a deal with fashion powerhouse Gucci and also signed in zimdancehall singer Enzo ishall to his record company for 200 000 rands. He is an ardent supporter of the music genre and once remarked that God had favoured zimdancehall music in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Passion continues to rake in the cash and live his best life, undeterred by negative comments and oblivious to the social media storm about his deals. Although his “man of God” status has come under scrutiny many a times, the prophet still enjoys a huge congregation at his church.

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