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Scandal actor “Romeo Medupe” aces his role.

Daily soapies are a hit with most local people, particularly those aired on South African television channels such as Etv and SABC. One such telenovela is Scandal which shows on ETV every week day at 7.30pm.

Hungani Ndlovu,who plays the character of Romeo Medupe, recently received a standing ovation for his latest trick in the soapie. He is an IT wizkid whose skills have always helped him track down suspicions and at times cover up for his misdemenours. He is also the apple of his mother’s eye. Romeo recently outwitted rival suitor Mthunzi Mayiza by exposing that he had been pretending to be a cripple all along much to the amusement of Scandal fans.

Romeo managed to uncover that the fraud being committed at Thebe Langa and being traced back to the company secretary Layla Mackenzie was in fact being masterminded by wheelchair bound Mthunzi. He than hatched a plan to expose him, which worked. Romeo has emerged the hero in the soapie with compliments pouring in from left, right and centre.

Romeo finally managed to give Mthunzi a taste of his own medicine and hopefully will have him caged for good. Mthunzi had become a nuisance to many people with his evil and witty smile. Not to mention the way he used to abuse his wife Xolile to whom Romeo has a love interest and impregnated.

Most comments online on the Scandal social me handles were applauding Romeo for exposing the big, bad boy Mthunzi. Scandal is one of the most watched soapies in Zimbabwe.

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