Top 10 eye care tips.

Eyes are a very sensitive part of the human body. They are delicate and require special attention. We have narrowed down our top ten tips to ensure a healthy set of eyes.

1 Where protective eye wear is required for a specific job such as welding, please do wear it. Googles and safety glasses are a necessity when it comes to such jobs. This protects your eyes from harmful substances and exposure.

2 Ensure that you thoroughly clean your hands as well as contact lenses to avoid risk o infections.

3 Give your eyes time to rest. Constantly gazing at your laptop screen or focusing on one thing for a long period of time can strain your eyes, cause eye dryness or blurry vision. Take time to blink and have adequate sleep.

4 Always wear sunglasses in hot weather. They are designed to protect eyes from the UV rays from the sun.

5 Reduce weight. Being overweight can lead to diseases such as diabetes which in turn are associated with eye problems such as glaucoma and vision loss.

6 Eat a healthy diet. Eat carrots as they contain beta carotene which is great for eyesight. Incorporate dark leafy greens and vegetables into your meals as well.

7 Reasearch extensively on your family eye history. This enables you to assess whether you are at high risk of contacting eye problems or not.

8 Have regular eye examinations done particularly a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Eye problems can then be detected early.

9 If possible, quit smoking. Smoking can lead to eye problems such as cataracts and uveitis.

10 Avoid rubbing your eyes. This habit is dangerous in that harmful germs in your hands and fingers can be transferred to your eyes leading to infections.

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