Top 10 skin care tips for spring.

As winter comes to an end, most people are preparing themselves for the warm spring weather. This includes a transition from wearing layered warm clothes to outdoor, open clothes. One also has to ensure that their skin is well taken care of and we have narrowed down our top 10 tips for a healthy spring glow.

1 Moisture your skin. The warm weather can leave your skin feeling dehydrated. Moisturizing also prevents sun damage to your skin.

2 Invest in a good exfoliator for your skin. This will help you achieve a healthy skin glow.

3 Buy skin care products endorsed with Spf of around 30 for your your face and 15 for body creams.

4 Was your brows. Some people tend to relax during winter and let go of some beauty care tips. Spring is that time to get back on track and ensure your brows are on flick.

5 Your lips also need moisture and care. Invest in a good lip balm.

6 Experiment with dewy face shimmers rather than dry ones especially around the cheekbone area.

7 Drink lots of water. Water is essential for clear skin. You can infuse your water with beneficial components such as lemon, cucumber and mint in order to improve your skin and give it that extra oomff.

8 Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They also help in beautifying your skin.

9 Scrub your face with a good facial scrub. During winter a build up of dead skin cells can occur. Scrubbing helps to remove all impurities.

10 Apply sunscreen generously.

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