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Vimbai Zimuto nude pic up for grabs.

Zimbabwean singer and artist Vimbai Zimuto has revealed her most sold picture from the recently held art exhibition in Harare. She staged an exhibition under the theme Vimbaititude on the 26th of July 2019. The exhibition also featured a show of her famous nude pictures taken from various angles.

Vimbai recently revealed that the picture that attracted a lot of attention was that in which she lay naked in the sand and showed off her backside. The picture reveals a sensual side to the singer. It was taken in front of clear blue waters on the beach. In spite of people having lashed out at her for the pictures that left nothing to imagination, there seemed to have been a huge turn around with people scrambling to buy the same image. Zimuto said that only one picture was left.

Zimuto stirred controvesy early this year when a string of her naked pictures surfaced on the internet. Most people lambasted her for showing off her body and alleged that it was not decent. She was also accused of uing unorthodox means to gain popurlarity. Vimbai seemed unmoved by the allegations and continued to post similar pictures. Her defence was that she was retracing her ancestors’ footsteps as they used to walk around naked without any care.

It was only later on when she announced that she would be staging an art exhibition that people started to appreciate her perspective on the issue nudity.

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