Zimbabwe braces for protests this Friday.

There is growing concern over protests being planned for this Friday. The so called peaceful demos are being organized by the opposition party MDC A led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. There have been several messages circulating online advising people to stay at home on Friday in order to pay way for the demos.

MDC A youth leader Obey Sithole recently confirmed that protests will be ongoing nation wide this Friday. He, however, gave assurance that the protests will be peaceful. He said that people should come in their numbers to air out their grievances at the state of affairs in Zimbabwe which includes rising cost of living, fuel price hikes, dilapidated medical facilities and a rotting education system among other issues.

The youth leader said that the police had already been notified about the impending mass protests and a green light had been given. The law in Zimbabwe provides that anyone planning a mass demonstration must notify the police before hand.

Most people are however apprehensive about these protests having regard to the bloodshed that occurred during the January protests. After the price of fuel ad gone up, most people had taken to the streets to protest. The tale ended sadly with soldiers shooting at unarmed civilians resulting in the loss of life.

The government issued a stern warning a few weeks ago, that should any violence take place, it will not hesitate to unleash the army on protestors. This also come against the backdrop that war equipment such as grenades were recently purchased.

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