Zimbabwe’s top 5 dapper prophets.

Zimbabwe boasts of an abundance of clergyman. Religion is an important aspect of everyday life in Zim with most people being christians. There are some top names that come to mind when we talk of style, swag and men of cloth. Here is our top 5 list of church boys who preach in style.

1 Emmanuel Makandiwa

The UFIC founder and leader dresses imacculately most of the time. He incorporates morden trends to his clothes. The prophet loves to dress neatly and is rarely spotted in disoriented clothes.

2 Ian Maurukira

Apostle Maurukira is the leader of Glorious International Ministries in Warren Park. He surely knows how to dress stylishly and elegantly. The man of God who is commonly reffered as ‘Apostle Authority’ rocks formal wear like a fashion pro and is quite a trendsetter when it comes to pairing high end suits with the appropriate shoe wear.

3 Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java is simply fashion driven. He knows how to wear clothes that compliment his lean figure. He recently clinched a deal with fashion powerhouse Gucci.

4 Michael Mahendere

The renowned UFIC lead singer and junior pastor also oozes class and swag. He usually dresses like he s going to a red carpet event. His cool and laid back character is also manifest in his clothes.

5 TK Zamar

The Zimbabwean gospel singer is based in South Africa. Not only does he wow fans with his soulful deep voice but he also impresses with his choice of dressing. He usually pimps up his suits with colorful ties and trendy shoes. One could mistake him for a fashion model judging from his array of images.

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