Chaos and confusion as Zim schools open.

The ministry of Information and publicity has issued an official statement confirming that re opening of schools on the 10th of September 2019. This statement comes at a time when most people were specualating a delay due to the death of former president Robert Mugabe. A three day mourning period had been declared there you influencing people to think that schools ouod be opened much later.

Another issue that is causing pains is that of exhorbitant school fees being charged in many schools. Those who have kids at boarding schools have lamented the cost of sending their children to such schools with food and other basic necessities being scarce at such institutions. Parents have to work out thousands of dollars to buy food, pay fees and send their kids to school.

A parent who spoke to this publication on the basis of anonymity said that she was failing to make ends meet and send her daughter to boarding school. The child is at Cheunje boarding school. She said top up fees have become a constant feature and the child has to go to school with additional groceries as food has become a rare commodity at schools.

As the nation braces for a tough last trimester before the dawn of 2020, it remains to be seen whether the school term will yield any positive results.

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