Chief justice comes to the defense of judges.

The Chief Justice of the JSC, Like Malaba recently came to the defense of judges in an exclusive interview with the United Nations special rappoteur on the ight to freedom of peaceful assembly and association Clement Voule. The UN had come to get clarity on two issues the first being that the judiciary had foiled efforts of people’s right to demonstrate and the second being that the judiciary in Zimbabwe was not independent and was pro Zanu pf. The chief justice rubbished such claims and set the record straight. He said the opposition party was trying to score cheap points using the court system. He said judges were put in a tight corner but we’re helpless. He stated,”We have no means of defending ourselves and setting the record straight that the argument is all political. It is a political argument. It is not judicial”. The chief justice reffered to the recent MDC stunt in which after being served with a prohibitive order to protest by the police they appealed against it at the high court instead of the Magistrates court as required by law. It has often been said that the media has been painting the image of the judiciary in Zimbabwe by encouraging speculation over issues that are entirely political in nature.

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